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A comparative analysis of the corrosive effect of artificial saliva of variable pH on DMLS and cast Co-Cr-Mo dental alloy

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posted on 2022-05-19, 14:43 authored by Tatjana Puskar, Danimir Jevremovic, Robert J. Williams, Dominic Eggbeer, Djordje Vukelic, Igor Budak

 Abstract: Dental alloys for direct metal laser sintering (DMLS) are available on the market today, but there is little scientific evidence reported on their characteristics. One of them is the release of ions, as an indicator of the corrosion characteristics of a dental alloy. Within this research, the difference in the elution of metals from DMLS and cast (CM) samples of Co-Cr-Mo dental alloy in saliva-like medium of three different pH was examined by inductively-coupled plasma mass spectrometry (ICP-MS). The obtained results show that the metal elution in artificial saliva from the DMLS alloy was lower than the elution from the CM alloy. The release of all investigated metal ions was influenced by the acidity, both from the DMLS and CM alloy, throughout the investigated period of 30 days. The change in acidity from a pH of 6.8 to a pH of 2.3 for the cast alloy led to a higher increase of the elution of Co, Cr and Mo from CM than from the DMLS alloy. The greatest release out of Co, Cr and Mo was for Co for both tested alloys. Further, the greatest release of all ions was measured at pH 2.3. In saliva of pH 2.3 and pH 4.5, the longer the investigated period, the higher the difference between the total metal ion release from the CM and DMLS alloys. Both alloys showed a safe level of elution according to the ISO definition in all investigated acidic environments. 


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Puskar, T., Jevremovic, D., Williams, R.J., Eggbeer, D., Vukelic, D. and Budak, I. (2014) 'A comparative analysis of the corrosive effect of artificial saliva of variable pH on DMLS and cast Co-Cr-Mo dental alloy', Materials, 7(9), pp.6486-6501

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