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A Photorhabdus natural product inhibits insect juvenile hormone Epoxide Hydrolase

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posted on 2022-05-19, 14:42 authored by Friederike I. Nollmann, Antje K. Heinrich, Alexander O. Brachmann, Christophe Morisseau, Krishnendu Mukherjee, Ángel M. Casanova-Torres, Frederic Strobl, David Kleinhans, Sebastian Kinski, Katharina Schultz, Mike BeetonMike Beeton

 Simple urea compounds (“phurealipids”) have been identified from the entomopathogenic bacterium Photorhabdus luminescens, and their biosynthesis was elucidated. Very similar analogues of these compounds have been previously developed as inhibitors of juvenile hormone epoxide hydrolase (JHEH), a key enzyme in insect development and growth. Phurealipids also inhibit JHEH, and therefore phurealipids might contribute to bacterial virulence. 


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Nollmann, F. I., Heinrich, A. K., Brachmann, A. O., Morisseau, C., Mukherjee, K., Casanova-Torres, Á. M., Strobl, F., Kleinhans, D., Kinski, S., Schultz, K., Beeton, M. L., Kaiser, M., Chu, Y.-Y., Phan Ke, L., Thanwisai, A., Bozhüyük, K. A. J., Chantratita, N., Götz, F., Waterfield, N. R., Vilcinskas, A., Stelzer, E. H. K., Goodrich-Blair, H., Hammock, B. D. and Bode, H. B. (2015), 'A Photorhabdus natural product inhibits insect juvenile hormone Epoxide Hydrolase', ChemBioChem, 16 (5), pp.766–771

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