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posted on 2021-08-11, 09:57 authored by Gareth PicknellGareth Picknell, Brendan Cropley, Stephen MellalieuStephen Mellalieu, Sheldon M. Hanton
Table 2 provides detail regarding the specifics of each RP treatment. In summary, Phase 1 included group workshops that intended to introduce participants to the concept, benefits and models of RP, as well as methods and guidance for structuring personal reflections. The value of initially educating individuals about RP was that they were more likely to understand how, why and when to reflect, and thus be more motivated to engage with the process (Cropley, Hanton et al., 2020). Phase 2 aimed to facilitate the acquirement of more advanced, critical reflective skills by removing participants from the group environment, instead, incorporating individual tutorials and personal mentoring from the researcher (cf. Larrivee, 2008). Phase 3 continued the mentoring element, as well as involving participants in regular group workshops. This action learning group (ALG) approach intended to provide participants with valuable access to peer support, allowing them to share their experiences of incidents that arose during practice and, together, engage in shared reflection (Heidari & Galvin, 2003).


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