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University Technology Transfer Offices and innovation performance in firms: The case of Ghana

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posted on 2023-05-13, 20:17 authored by Abdul-Fatahi Abdulai, Lyndon Murphy, Andrew Thomas, Brychan Thomas

Research into formal and informal technology transfer between universities and industry in economical developed counties is well-documented. However, such studies are limited in developing economies. In the context of developing economies, this study analyses technology transfer offices’ role in university technology transfer to Ghanaian firms. Informal mechanisms are incorporated as a moderating variable to explore the role of human interaction in the technology transfer value chain. In a cross-sectional survey in Ghana, using structural equation modelling with 245 firms, the findings identify a negative moderating effect of informal mechanisms on the effect of technology transfer offices on innovation performance in firms. The findings are of significance to universities and corporate bodies in economically developing nations such as Ghana. Policies to improve the effect of informal mechanisms of university technology transfer offices are proposed in developing economies.


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