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To pledge or not to pledge that is the question: carbon literacy training and international post-graduate students

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posted on 2023-05-13, 20:40 authored by Mark Sutcliffe, Gary SamuelGary Samuel

This research project is part of a more comprehensive study that seeks to identify and improve upon the effectiveness of carbon literacy training for student cohorts. It sets out to better understand which students pledge at the end of the training process, and which do not, and the variety of reasons that might be identified to explain this difference. Can pledgers and non-pledgers be grouped together, or do they need to be classified into distinct sub-groups, with distinct motivations? What can be done to increase the PCR? Do distinct pledging (non-pledging) sub-groups require focused and targeted carbon literacy training? Is non-pledging simply a wider issue of academic (non) engagement, or does it extend further into a lack of environmental awareness and concern, or both? 


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