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Businesses and Society – The UN Sustainable Development Goals - Exploring their relevance and application. The role of tidal range energy in helping to meet the SDGs

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conference contribution
posted on 2023-05-15, 12:06 authored by Brian Morgan

Perhaps it first needs to be emphasised that the UN SDGs are not only relevant for less developed countries. They are also relevant for developed countries – especially where environmental challenges and energy security are driving the need for investment in renewable energy. 

Secondly, although the interests of business and society should coincide in relation to the UN SDGs this is not often the case. For example, whereas citizens see many of the SD goals as self-evident and very relevant to their lives, businesses have different objectives and often don’t see a market opportunity. As a consequence, businesses are likely to cherry pick those SDGs that offer an economic opportunity for them to drive growth and increase their market share. Indeed, one of the few SDGs that both business and society strongly identify with is SDG 13 (Climate action).